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About Us


Alma Soul is...

A way to open up new possibilities for talented artisans in remote corners of the world

An opportunity to help children who are less fortunate

A way to define a new life . . .

A celebration of color, craft, culture and life 


Having spent her formative years growing up in Peru and Venezuela, Patty McCormack developed a distinct sense and admiration for the Latin culture. Half Peruvian and half American, she has seen and benefited from the best of both worlds. “I have always remained very close to my Peruvian roots and, most especially, my beloved 'hermanas del Alma' or Soul sisters – my cousins.” It is from this lifelong experience that Alma+Soul was created.An architect by training, Patty has a strong sense of design. “My surroundings and what I wear are very important to me.  Color reflects how I feel and order enables me to be productive.  Our time on Earth is precious and I want to make the most with mine.” This collection of handcrafted belts, bags, scarves, soft Pima cotton modern women’s tees and embroidered pillows are made from hand loomed fabrics and colorful yarns that will enhance your surroundings. It is our Style by Design.One of the objectives of Alma+Soul is to donate a portion of it’s profits to Asociación Esperanza y Caridad, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, feeding and providing medical care to some of the poorest children in Lima, Peru. Our philosophy that education is the key to a better life is the driving force behind this commitment. “My talented mother, Gabriella, and many other committed, generous women, have been working tirelessly with this wonderful organization for years. Now, it is my turn to do my part.”


Patty McCormack

Founder of Alma Soul Imports